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The Basics of Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle Accident Attorney Virginia Beach VA

Most of the motorcyclists say that the best thing about riding a motorcycle is the exclusive feeling of freedom that it brings with it. However, with that freedom also comes certain susceptibility. Motorcycle riders do not enjoy much in way of protection and safety between the road and their bodies — possibly a helmet and the road leathers in safest cases. And the basic physics will let you know that any 450-pound motorcycle stands nowhere in front of 4,500 pounds SUV if collision occur.

A look at the injury data bears the risks linked with riding motorcycles:

  • -About 80% of all the reported motorcycle accidents lead to death or injury, while only 20 % of car accidents do, as per the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration.
  • -In 2012-13, deaths from automobile accidents involving light trucks and cars reached all-time low. However, motorcyclist deaths from the traffic accidents reached all-time high, say doubling between 2004 and 2014.

Just as the motorcyclists are in unique position on road, special problems exist in most of the insurance claims and the personal injury lawsuit arising from motorcycle accident. This post touches on some of the main considerations common to most motorcycle accident cases.

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Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney – How Helmet Law May Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Case?
Most of the states have some kind of law connected to helmet usage by the motorcycle riders. In many states, all the motorcycle riders should wear a helmet. However, in some other states, riders under 18 should wear a helmet. For some other states, the helmet laws are quite complicated. For example, in Ohio, helmets are necessary for all the riders under 18, and also for all the riders during their first year when they are licensed. And lastly, lawmakers in some states have left the use of helmet off the book altogether — in New Hampshire and Iowa, for example. Any motorcycle accident claim might turn on rider’s compliance with the applicable helmet laws, particularly in cases involving neck and head injuries. Contact Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney.
Select a good motorcycle accident lawyer who puts your requirements first. Call us to schedule an initial, free consultation with our lawyers. While our office is located in the San Francisco, our motorcycle accident lawyers travel readily to meet with our clients throughout the nation.

Motorcycle Accidents and Road Surface Hazards – Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The road hazards which are quite common for the car drivers can mean doom for the riders of any and all two-wheeled vehicles. Sewer grates, train tracks and potholes, are just some of the hazards which motorcyclists face on road. Contact Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for help.

Is Lane-Splitting Difference for Motorcycle Accidents?

Lots of motorcyclists do this, but that does not necessarily make it an excellent idea, and it does not make it legal definitely. In fact, California tends to be the only state which recognizes lane-splitting as a lawful traffic maneuver. Even in Golden State, the lane-splitting should be done in safe manner. For the motorcyclists who were found lane-splitting at time of their motor cycle accident, the way toward compensation for injury — via a lawsuit or an insurance claim — can get quite rough. Immediately get in touch with Motorcycle Accident Attorney Virginia Beach VA.

Tips for Helping You In Your Motorcycle Accident Claims – Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Virginia Beach

Unfair as it might be, there are some people there who see the motorcyclists as just thrill-seeking daredevil for whom nation’s roadway are just one big racing track. And these types of prejudices can be found even in the mind of people who will finish up making critical decisions on merits of your motorcycle accident case — from the insurance adjusters to jury in the civil court case (yes, even the jury or judge). As a result you require doing everything that you can possibly to combat such misconceptions and assist your own case. Ans if you think that handling the case on your own is not your cup of tea, hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Virginia Beach VA can be the best option for you.

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